Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aadhaar card a prelude to 666

LPG subsidy to be credited directly in bank accounts from June 1 in 18 districts

Aadhaar card is a prelude just as when temperature rises in April we know hot summer is arriving.

We know that soon after the secret advent of Christ, the 7 years reign of the anti-Christ would begin. 

When the anti-Christ appears, if he begins the work of giving numbers to the people of the world, it would take many years. So before his reign itself people of the world will be numbered and made ready for the reign of the anti-Christ. After anti-Christ appears he will convert Aadhar as his mark and he will enforce all buying and selling through Aadhar.

During July 2016, Government of India decided to disobey the judgement of the Supreme Court of India and decided to stop transfer of subsidy to public like me who had linked their bank account without giving Aadhar card.

Government of India is again forcing people to take Aadhar.

This week (5.9.2016 to 10.9.2016), my daughter received a circular from her school asking her to bring photographs so that school can make Aadhar for her. I feel government has sent circular to schools to get all children enrolled in Aadhar. Now i have no option but to take Aadhar. Taking my daughter out of school etc will divide my family. It can be safely concluded that one cannot remain without taking Aadhar card for long. He would be forced to take Aadhar card.

Government started by saying Aadhar was for illiterates who don't have proper address proof. Then it shifted the goal post to say to get any subsidy from government Aadhar card is mandatory. Now it has shifted the goal post wider to say all have to take Aadhar.

One can forego gas subsidy but can one remove his child from school to avoid taking adhar? This shows one cannot escape from taking Aadhar. This proves it is the plan of Satan. As said earlier, anti-Christ will not give numbers to people after his reign begins as that would take many years. So the work of giving numbers to people of the world will begin before his advent. After anti-Christ appears, he will activate aadhar for buying and selling.

Government takes 2nd step to make Aadhar compulsory

The first step was making Aadhar compulsory for school children. Through this step all future generation with be enrolled. My daughter was forced to enrol for  Aadhar though she is yet to receive the Aadhar card even after 2 months.

Today's newspaper (17.12.2016) carries the news that now government plans to make all savings bank account holders compulsorily to have Aadhar and link their account with their Aadhar number.

With this step all will be forced to take Aadhar.

Government took the second step to help people make cashless transactions.

We are slowly heading towards buying only if we have Aadhar.

See how deceitfully government introduced Aadhar. First it said it is for poor who don't have ID proof. It said it was not compulsory. Next it said to receive cooking gas subsidy Aadhar is compulsory. Next it said it is compulsory for school children. Now it is saying all those who have bank account compulsorily must have Aadhar. This deceitfulness proves Aadhar is  from Satan.

So Christians cannot avoid taking aadhar. Only way for Christians who have taken aadhar to escape the anti-Christ is to take part in the secret appearing of Christ.

Having said that Aadhaar is a prelude to 666, that is also a possibility that Aadhaar could be the number of the anti-Christ.

The reason to refuse considering Aadhaar as the mark of the anti-Christ was based on just one verse in the Bible

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. (Revelation 12:5)

But the man in the New Testament Bible with the greatest revelation, apostle Paul contradicts this revelation. He said Christ will appear after the anti-Christ will appear.

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come , except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

Surely, only one revelation can be correct.

If apostle Paul's revelation is correct, then Aadhar is the mark of the anti-Christ because today Aadhar has become compulsory. My daughter has received circular from her school to get Aadhar compulsorily.

Since anti-Christ will not have time to get the people of the world numbered after he begins his rule, the process of numbering the people will begin before his rule. After anti-Christ begins his rule he will just activate all buying and selling through Aadhaar.

Let’s be ready to meet the Lord.