Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aadhaar card a prelude to 666

LPG subsidy to be credited directly in bank accounts from June 1 in 18 districts

Many among us, who are called and chosen (we are only expected to be faithful – Revelation 17:14), to be the bride of Christ (Revelation 19:7), find it is nothing wrong in taking the Aadhaar card. We have so many reasons to give!

Aadhaar card is a prelude just as when temperature rises in April we know hot summer is arriving.

We know that soon after the secret advent of Christ, the 7 years reign of the anti-Christ would begin. During that time the left behind church would be forced to take a number similar to Aadhaar card (the mark) to survive (Revelation 13:16). That number would be compulsory for one to draw one’s salary and to buy one’s monthly grocery from Reliance Fresh. It would also be needed to sell one’s old car through Quikr (Revelation 13:17).

True by taking the Aadhaar card one does not take the mark of the anti-Christ. But it sure reveals our spiritual depth. If we are unable to forgo Rs 435 every time we buy our cooking gas, we very well know how we would be able to say no to the number similar to Aadhaar card (the mark) that would be given by the anti-Christ any time after the secret advent of Christ.

Yes those of us who have already taken Aadhaar card have the reasons ready. But we all know in the depth of our heart what the Holy Spirit has to say on this.  But we are accustomed to silencing the voice of the Holy Spirit and doing our own will.

Just think. People who do their self will can they be ready for the secret advent of Christ? People who can’t forgo a meager Rs 435 for the sake of the kingdom of God, when they are called to sell all (Matthew 13:44,45,46) will such be able to enter the kingdom of God?

Surely the reign of the anti-Christ is at hand. The signs are evident. Aadhaar card is a prelude.

Just as people of God in India are in a dilemma, people of God in USA are in a dilemma as well due to Obama administration’s health care program. To avail the benefit of the health care program one has to get a chip implanted in his hand (watch this YouTube video We may think people of God in USA would not face so much dilemma as we in India because we have the doctrine of Divine healing. But how many of us are standing for the truth of Divine healing in these last days?

Secondly, the resistance the governments are facing to implement their plans reflects the reign of Holy Spirit is still on and is resisting it. In India Supreme Court has ruled against Aadhar. Visit this link In the US Obama’s health care program is creating head ace to Obama. Visit this link to read the article

During July 2016, Government of India decided to disobey the judgement of the Supreme Court of India and decided to stop transfer of subsidy to public like me who had linked their bank account without giving Aadhar card.

Government of India is again forcing people to take Aadhar.

Let’s be ready to meet the Lord.

May God help us.